Fear. What is it good for?

A curious thing…fear. It keeps us from walking into a busy street because we know the danger of being hit. This is a no brainer. Fear the busy road. Plenty of times fear saves us from danger and harm. For example, it’s generally in my best interest NOT to shop at Target.  Driving on Sam Furr Rd in Huntersville is hazardous to your heart, health and vehicle.  I fear Target and Sam Furr Rd, so I stay away from both, thus it keeps me from danger. You get the idea.

Fear could have kept me from walking into Weight Watchers in 2004. It didn’t. Fear could have kept me from running my first half marathon in 2004. It didn’t. Fear could have kept me from walking away from my job in 2007. It didn’t. Next to marriage and having children, those three decisions have changed the course of my personal life more drastically than any other decision I have ever made. 

The familiar walls of my home keep me comfortable. The recognizable faces of my family and friends keep me in my safe place. Texts and emails make communication much easier for me. Then sometimes I think, it’s been so long now…my inner routine…, what do I fear about the outside world?

What fear is holding me, or you, back from reaching a greater potential than we might have already realized? Am I afraid of something that isn’t even worthy of fear? How many times have you finished something you feared and thought to yourself that it wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought it would be? Oh, just in case you were wondering, marathons are as bad as you feared they would be, but they are worth every step, just so you know.

I’ve conquered some fears in the past, and I’ve got my fair share to conquer in the future and beyond. What lies beneath the surface? I wonder, would it bring me good or harm and why do I fear it so much? I certainly don’t have all the answers. Just thinking about fear. What is it good for?

Copyright © Gatewood Campbell, January 2012


One thought on “Fear. What is it good for?

  1. Stephanie says:

    Fear is good in the sense that it pushes our “edge”, our sense of security and safety in our little comfort zone whatever that may be…if we didn’t do this and expand and GROW we would stagnate and stay small forever…. Embrace FEAR as it will twist and shape you in new ways until you are a much stronger and well rounded person…
    Interesting you are posting this Gatewood as I have been embracing fear over the past 2 months, leaving to foreign lands, customs, languages, and people. I KNOW I want this, it helps me expand, but it isn’t any easier going through it at the time.. Reflecting back however, I am absorbing the “life lessons” just as you have and am getting stronger because of them.. THANKS for verbalizing my thoughts!
    I love you! Your PRC World traveling friend xo

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