Dreams, Moving Sidewalks and TV before Bed

The dream came back to me again last night, the details always a bit varied, but the theme seems familiar.

I was in line waiting in a bathroom, likely place for me since I always have a bottle of water in hand. I was strangely dressed in some dance costume. Blaming that on the Dance Moms episode I watched before I went to sleep. We were on a train and the train was not on tracks, but on water, thus the train itself was going nowhere.

In the bathroom I was on a moving sidewalk that moved against me making it nearly impossible to get to the bathrooms. I was the only person that was on the moving sidewalk. Everyone else was on solid ground, moving along like normal. As I fought against the moving sidewalk my costume kept getting caught in everything around me and I was constantly yanking the costume out as it slowly began to tear and shred. People in front kept calling my name and begging me to run faster on the sidewalk but I was getting nowhere! It was a circus! I can see it still now. On the sidewalk every few feet as I moved as fast as I could with a full bladder while grabbing this crazy costume at my sides, beneath my feet were the words ‘My Epilepsy’.

I kept trying to stomp on those words as they would pass and then the moving sidewalk would flood with water and push me against the wall of the bathroom and I would have to start my trek for the bathroom all over again. Over and over again this went. The longer this went the madder I got. I watched people walk past while I fought this moving sidewalk stomping on the word epilepsy each time. I would eventually make progress. Then it would flood and fling me against the wall. There I would gather myself in this hideous shredded costume and begin to battle the moving sidewalk. I never got there. My 5:30 alarm went off first.

I think about this dream and wonder the reality of it all….except the costume…that was really bad.

Copyright © Gatewood Campbell, September 2014