The Circle is Complete

A reminder that the circle is now complete and I can look back without regret on the tough decision I made.

Embracing Change

After my accident and Epilepsy diagnosis I tried to continue working. I put every ounce of energy I had into my job. I worked in a church and I had been there 12 years. I had seen tremendous growth over those years. It was a place and a community of people that had captured a huge part of my heart and my life.  My job was people driven. My ministry was about helping people feel welcome and comfortable. It was my responsibility to guide them into the church and help them find their niche. Ironic, given that I was working so hard to make people feel comfortable, yet I felt so incredibly uncomfortable. Post injury, I was different and I knew it. My brain functioned differently. Before the injury I could look at point A, envision point Z and immediately get to work on the plan to get there, no…

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One thought on “The Circle is Complete

  1. john campbell says:

    Nana loves Gatewood.  Thank you for this wonderful story.  Best is yet to come….years of remembering the :”well ” Emmer.  Telling the Emmer story to the world.  Now is the time to listen again to Johnny’s song Better Days. .  

    Give thanks with a grateful heart!

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